GeoInsight™ Geographic Data Analysis

Better analyse, visualise and manage your geographic data.

GeoInsight™ is a web-based platform and centralised data repositiory that makes it easy for administrators, analysts, power users, and general users to create and share maps, reports, and analyses.  It provides all of the tools that are necessary when analysing, visualising, and managing this critical data. 

  • Centralise data: Store geographic data in a single location. Security settings enable administrators to restrict access to data and functionality.
  • Rich user experience: Interactive maps and other built-in functionality provide a rich and seamless user experience.    
  • Web-based: No cumbersome desktop installations. Users simply need a web browser and Silverlight 4.0+.      
  • Extensible framework: Custom plug-ins can be developed to handle custom modeling and reporting.              


Industry Solutions

Channel optimisation for financial services

Select and set objectives for physical and digital customer engagement with location and market data analytics.

Explore Pitney Bowes solutions for the financial services industry.

Site selection for retail

Determine the optimal location for new locations by incorporating subtle demographic insight.

Explore Pitney Bowes solutions for the retail industry.


Market assessment

Analyse geographies in order to assess performance in your current footprint or to determine areas for expansion either through natural growth or acquisition. Use the built-in reports to rank geographies against one another.

Visualising data

View your sites, competitors, customers, and demand with ease.  Create thematics on general demographic data or client specific data.

Site analysis

Analyse the opportunity and competitive intensity around potential sites.  Compare new opportunities against one another and against existing sites in order to develop a business case. 

Data repository and reporting tool

General demographic data, sales, competition, and segmentation data can all be stored in a centralized location.  Departments can share data with other areas or keep the data private for internal department use. Easily import and export data through the Reporting Tools or the Data Management interface. 

Custom plugins

Provides an extensible allowing for extended capability via custom plugins such as WinSITE and Local Knowledge in order to address specific client needs such as predictive analytics and custom reporting.


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