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Hatfield, UK, October 28th, 2016 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today announced that its client CFH Docmail has successfully rolled out its Dynamic Marketing programme, making it the first Pitney Bowes client in Europe to integrate Print+ Response with Print+ Messenger. This integration enables CFH to print on the outside of the envelope as well as on inserts and Business Reply Envelopes, creating striking, high-impact, personalised documents to drive results and boost performance for its hybrid mail clients.


In February 2015, CFH and Pitney Bowes announced a £1.3m deal to improve mail accuracy and precision. Today’s announcement is the next phase of development, which sees Print+ Messenger seamlessly integrating with the Print+ Response Business Reply Envelope Printing System, streamlining CFH’s print and mail workflow and producing high value, variable personalised communications. The integration of these physical technologies and digital platforms gives CFH a strong competitive advantage, improves operational performance and generates efficiencies. It removes the requirement to use pre-printed envelopes, facilitates printing at speeds of up to 26,000 mail pieces per hour and streamlines the application changeover. This enables the commingling of print files upstream of the enclosing machines to improve operational efficiency.


The announcement follows the release of new European research from Pitney Bowes entitled ‘The Future Marketing Mix’ which highlights the need for businesses to incorporate personalised, relevant messages in high-impact, colourful marketing communications. The study of over 3,000 consumers in the UK, France and Germany uncovered a new ‘Five Second Marketing Rule’, which found that businesses have just five seconds to create impact and attract consumers’ attention with their physical communications, before it is dismissed as irrelevant. Consumers admitted they were more likely to respond to visually-engaging messaging with an eye-catching design on the letter or envelope, and to better targeted communications which met their needs.


Bill McFedries, CEO for CFH Docmail, said, “Physical mail is a key part of our clients’ omnichannel communication strategies. They want consistent, high-impact, personalised communications which engage their customers and drive results, and they want to make it easy for their customers to respond. The unique configuration of Print+ Messenger and Print+ Response means we can offer this, and provide flexibility so clients can respond quickly to changing market conditions, to customer demand and to the evolving needs of their businesses. It also enables us to improve internal operational efficiencies, boost our business performance and gain the competitive advantage that comes with being a trailblazer in Europe”.


Clive Stringer, VP Enterprise Solutions, Pitney Bowes said, “Businesses want to make their communications work harder. Whether marketing communications or transactional post, organisations are using all customer touchpoints for brand consistency. They’re incorporating striking visuals, innovative design, personalised messages, digital graphics and full-colour logos to attract interest and generate engagement. CFH is taking this a step further by offering the Business Reply Envelope as part of this marketing mix. It’s another example of Pitney Bowes reinventing mail, to help our clients achieve better results”.


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