Pitney Bowes Software awarded at the “Grand Prix Stratégies 2017” in France for its EngageOne® Video project with Axa Wealth Services in partnership with Brainsonic

The interactive and personalised video project, EngageOne® Video by Pitney Bowes, in partnership with Brainsonic, received yesterday the Silver Award in the “Enterprise & Local Authorities Communication- Digital Approaches” category

Paris, 13th of September - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, -today announced that its interactive and personalised video, EngageOne® Video, won the “Silver” award in the category “Enterprise & Local Authorities Communication- Digital Approaches” at the “Grands Prix Stratégies 2017”, an award ceremony recognizing the most innovative players in the communication field in France.

EngageOne® Video technology is the only solution dedicated to customer engagement that is able to deliver to business interactive and personalised communication format to interact with their customers. It enables the creation of a new type of video that is unique and in real time, based on the choices and preferences of each user while playing the video. By adapting a communication close to human contact, the companies are therefore able to understand better their customers’ expectations

How to boost the digital signature of the master agreement between Axa Wealth Services with its online brokers? To accompany them, explain them the benefits of the new 100% digital platform and bring out the sales agent as a warrant of a simplified and secured service, Axa Wealth has invested on Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video. Between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the format adapts itself to each broker in real time generating a tailored dialog (getting close to a real video bot).

Pitney Bowes Software collaborated on this project with Brainsonic to develop the story flow, create and produce the video, crucial element for this engaging and personnalised experience (in particular thanks to the avatars of Axa Thema sales representatives).

Present during this award ceremony: Maximiliano Peluso : CIO, Axa Wealth Services, Guillaume Mikowski – CEO, Brainsonic ; Alexandre Laverdure-Insurance Specialist: Pitney Bowes Software & Johanna Deschamps – Marketing Manager, Pitney Bowes Software.

EngageOne® Video also won an award in May at the “Trophées de laVidéo online” and in March at Xplor France 2017 in the ”Document in the digital transformation” category.

EngageOne® Video: http://www.pitneybowes.com/fr/customer-engagement/supports-interactifs-personnalises/engageone-video-personalised-video.html