Pitney Bowes joins new UK Government Postal Services Framework (RM1063)

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, May 12, 2015… Pitney Bowes [NYSE: PBI] today announced that it has joined the UK government Postal Goods and Services framework (RM1073), a collaborative agreement put in place by Crown Commercial Service (CCS), YPO and ESPO. This demonstrates its firm commitment to the public sector and its strong performance in the digital and physical mailing services and equipment markets.  Pitney Bowes is one of a number of appointed suppliers meeting the stringent evaluation criteria needed to join the framework which covers seven lots including Hybrid Mail Onsite; Hybrid Mail Offsite; and Mailroom Equipment.

The framework is for a three-year period, with the possibility of a 12-month extension at the end of this term. The framework’s estimated value as published in the OJEU notice is between £400,000,000 and £1,500,000,000 across all seven lots for the duration of the framework.

In selecting suppliers for this framework, the contracting authority revealed it was seeking suppliers that could provide digital, web-based and electronic solutions, as well as physical mail.

Public sector organisations are integrating physical and digital communication to provide consistent, relevant, precise and accurate citizen messages. There is an increasing requirement to merge digital data to create mailings, for example on improvements to citizen services or changes to council representatives. This is where hybrid mail comes in, which transforms digital data into physical letters which are printed and mailed either onsite or at a separate location.

Ian Davidson, President, SMB Solutions Europe for Pitney Bowes said, “Public sector organisations need to balance physical communications with digital communications, to make sure their citizens are informed and engaged. Choosing the right suppliers to help them achieve this can be a lengthy and complex process. This framework simplifies the selection process, and offers peace-of-mind”. He continues, “Pitney Bowes has a strong track record in delivering digital and physical solutions to the government sector, and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities this framework will provide”.

Crown Commercial Service, in collaborative partnership with YPO and ESPO, is the contracting authority for this framework.

Pitney Bowes offers solutions that integrate physical and digital processes to power commerce, and help drive the digital agenda for public sector organisations.

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