What our clients say

Client Keith Bartlett, post and print manager for the London Borough of Merton

Technologies: Scanners and di950 tabletop inserter

“Our main reasons for choosing Pitney Bowes were twofold. Firstly, the excellent integration between the intelligent software and hardware. All applications are easy to use and work well together giving us closed loop mailings, essential to give the Authority’s letters security against the wrong mail piece going to the wrong client. This is especially important as regulators are issuing substantial penalties for non-compliance, so we just can’t risk the wrong mail piece going to the wrong person. Our second reason for choosing Pitney Bowes was the excellent value for money. I have a two-machine solution both with intelligent software, and I don’t think any of the other companies came close on cost. The installation has gone well and was carried out in a timely fashion, even though I set a very challenging timeline. I am very happy with the whole process and the ease of use of these technologies.”


Client Paul Baxter, head of Direct, Geoffrey Insurance Services and Zenith Direct

Technologies: EngageOne® Video

“As a company that has already received numerous accolades for our levels of customer service, we’re always looking at new ways to engage our customers and embracing new technologies to drive a greater service experience is a key part of this. We were hugely impressed with EngageOne Video. It will help us take customer engagement to a new level”.


Client Bill McFedries, CEO for CFH Docmail.

Technologies: Print+ Response, Print+ Messenger

“Physical mail is a key part of our clients’ omnichannel communication strategies. They want consistent, high-impact, personalised communications which engage their customers and drive results, and they want to make it easy for their customers to respond. The unique configuration of Print+ Messenger and Print+ Response means we can offer this, and provide flexibility so clients can respond quickly to changing market conditions, to customer demand and to the evolving needs of their businesses. It also enables us to improve internal operational efficiencies, boost our business performance and gain the competitive advantage that comes with being a trailblazer in Europe”.


Client Dave Herridge, Managing Director, Communisis

Technologies: Mailstream Productivity Series (MPS) inserters, one MSE inserting system and a Vantage™ Flexline sorting system., consultancy services, on-site support and software.

Our relationship with Pitney Bowes goes back around eight or nine years and we’ve always had a good experience with them. It makes sense to have a single supplier from hardware through software, consulting and general market knowledge in order to give us a real end-to-end customer experience in the most straightforward, cost-effective and security conscious way. To keep the same manufacturer’s hardware and software on the floor means you’ve got a joined-up approach with one person to go to if you’ve got a problem and need a solution.This enables us to deliver critical documents with precision and accuracy and run an effective continuous improvement programme across our business, which supports our mission of becoming a world-class leader in intelligent communication management.”


Client David Williams, Operations Director, DST Output

Technologies: Pitney Bowes enclosing lines and inserters

“Pitney Bowes is really good at the technology and software that sits around their machines. It allows us to investigate very quickly and have the confidence that what that machine and that software is telling us is right. At the end of the day it’s about ROI, and that’s where the digital strategies of Pitney Bowes and DST really come together. It’s not just a competitive advantage that we get through the technology. It’s the compliance, having the faith and trust in their equipment to be able to deliver what our customers need to deliver”.


Client Craig Wilkins, Head Of Information Systems, Sedgemoor District Council

Technologies: Spectrum Spatial

“Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Spatial will be a critical addition to our operations, especially so after the serious flooding that we experienced as a result of our extensive marshland and low-lying location. With Spectrum, now we can better analyse and plan for events like these, using the technology to track our properties and record the insurance risk against them. We can leverage these powerful spatial analytics to support our efforts across the district and take advantage of information that was previously underutilised.”


Client Donna Edwards-John, GIS Officer, Torfaen Council

Technologies: Spectrum

“Pitney Bowes has a complete vision for local government— inexpensive products that deliver exactly the right capabilities, combined with an understanding of our needs”.


Partner Aurelio Maruggi, Vice President and General Manager of Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions at HP

Technologies: IntelliJet

Pitney Bowes’ expertise in the production mail market enables them to provide unique value to customers looking to diversify their offerings and meet the evolving demands of high-volume, high-integrity print and mail operations. As such, HP is excited to continue our alliance to best serve the transactional market with the IntelliJet print systems and Print+ Messenger™ color inkjet system, delivering cost savings and enhanced productivity.”


Partner Robert Carling, Technical Director at JBA

Technologies: Location Intelligence

“During the winter of 2013-14, floods in the UK alone cost the insurance industry £1.2 billion. It’s a staggering amount for an uncontrollable and often unforeseen hazard. Our acclaimed data combined with Pitney Bowes’ extensive experience in manipulating global flood data minimise the impact of flooding by providing timely, accurate and in-depth risk assessments. It’s invaluable to the insurance industry”.