Impact Stories

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Mars Capital
Mail & Ship
51.2951° N 0.3289° W
Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
Meeting regulatory and scalability demands.

What if you could more effectively comply with regulatory and scalability demands and – at the same time – reduce costs and resources? Experiencing phenomenal growth in 2014, Mars Capital, a UK-based mortgage management company, wanted to ensure its monthly mailings were in compliance while relieving staff of the responsibility for thousands of pieces of mail. Outsourcing the mailing process to Pitney Bowes Mailstream On Demand™ has provided Mars Capital with the precision and accuracy required by regulatory agencies, and enabled staff to focus on the company’s core business. And that means the company can maintain its high customer service standards and continued growth.

04°36′48″ S 12°02′27″ E
Hinda, Republic of the Congo
Mapping the Republic of the Congo with Pitney Bowes software

What if your business depended on mapping an area of equatorial Africa that had never been mapped before?

Cominco Resources Ltd., a phosphate mining operation with a limited budget, needed to project processing and transportation costs to the penny, but there wasn't any existing cartography or topography available for the region. Using Pitney Bowes technology, including MapInfo Pro™, Discover and Discover 3D, Cominco were able to develop the precise views it needed, of both the ore itself and the transport capabilities of the surrounding area.

This helped Cominco chart the way to profit. 

Barton and Cooney
Mail & Ship
40.0710° N 74.8640° W
Burlington, New Jersey
Driving speed, accuracy and precision.

What if you could deliver greater capabilities more quickly? A leader in the mailing and letter shop industry, Barton & Cooney were struggling to meet shorter turnaround times and provide more service options to customers. When the company implemented the Pitney Bowes White Paper Factory™ solution, which includes the IntelliJet 20® Printing System, it immediately produced a four million-piece mailing defect-free in half the time typical for the job. And that means more time for satisfied customers and more opportunities for new business.

Ecommerce Logistics Services
40.7339° N 74.0011° W
New York City, New York
Helping retain exclusivity appeal.

What if you could reduce returns and maintain your trend-setting reputation? Known for its limited time flash sale offers that assure customers of the latest in high-end brand shoes and apparel, Kith NYC’s strategy was at stake when its entry into the global market introduced unexpected shipping challenges. When the company implemented the ClearPath® Global Ecommerce solution, which calculates customs duties, taxes and shipping charges into a single cost quote – as well as reducing shipping times – it saw more productive fulfilment and a drop in returns. And that means less degradation of product timeliness and the continued satisfaction of customers.

Security First
29.28581° N 81.05589° W
Ormond Beach, Florida
Personalised interactive videos: providing premium service on the customer's terms

What if you could make every one of your clients feel like someone special? Security First Insurance, a property insurer with a passion for customer service, wanted to do just that. They used Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video to explain policy coverage and limitations to people buying home insurance, and to help drive behaviour across the customer lifecycle.