Not a franking machine user?

Using a franking machine has long provided mailers with a series of major benefits over sending stamped mail. Price changes to stamped mail, effective 2nd October 2023, mean that mailers will reduce their postage costs by using a franking machine.

Summary of Discounts for Mailmark Franking Machine Users*:

  • 6p difference on every 2nd Class Letter compared to stamped mail
  • 19p difference on every 1st Class Letter compared to stamped mail

Plus a host of additional benefits

  • Advertise your organisation on every piece of mail that you send out
  • Allocate and track mailing costs to individual departments within your organisation
  • Post without interruption. One touch postage refills onto your franking machine mean that running out of postage becomes a thing of the past.
  • Save money on your postage with a franking machine.
  • If you are a business sending 250+ letters of the same class to addresses in the UK, then you can reduce your postage costs even further with Business Mail Advanced. To view savings, please click here.

* Up to and including 250g Royal Mail® 2nd class large letter vs stamps. Savings for other services can be found here. Savings do not include equipment running costs or consumables. No minimum volumes needed. (prices correct as of 2nd October 2023).