Cost is always a driving force for change; recently many companies have started looking at a move to digital communications due to the recent hike in stamp prices.

“When the price of stamps goes up by 30%, obviously companies are going to consider moving away from physical mail.” says Hutchison. He adds “We’ve spoken to SMEs across the country and they’re nervous about the rate changes. In fact, around 80% of the people we’ve spoken to think the changes will have a negative impact. There are ways to minimise the costs, though. For example, there’s a serious price difference between stamped and franked mail prices, so SMEs should think seriously about moving to use a franking machine. There are other ways to save money. Some are very simple, like using smaller envelopes to ensure your mail fits the lower price bracket; the changes may be small, but they can still save you money.“

How can Pitney Bowes help you save money?