The increasing importance of the mobile world means it’s important to ensure any digital content is available for viewing on smartphones and iPads, says Hutchison:

“You have to market to your customers wherever they are. 95% of mobile phone owners use their devices to access local information, and 9 out of 10 searches result in a purchase of some kind. Companies have to fit this into their marketing strategy, but that it’s not as complicated as many people believe. You need to optimise your website for mobile users so they can view it easily on a mobile device. Create an app, and make it different so you stand out, make it easy to find and navigate. Those are the basics, but there’s a lot more you can do. Many companies are using geo-location marketing to provide offers that are based on an understanding of where your customers are and what they’re doing”. Hutchison also recommends making ads interactive so they’re more engaging: “Smaller companies don’t need to feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing all this for themselves.

There are many tools available that can help; for example, here at Pitney Bowes we have software to help you use technologies such as QR codes that customers can scan with their smart phones to go direct to a webpage. We can help create mobile landing pages, and increase the impact of their ads. We can supply templates for emails to be sent to customers, and have software that can let you measure the results of different communications you send. There’s a wealth of advice online at sites like our own,”

“You can achieve outstanding results by adding promotional information to invoices and statements.” Phil Hutchison

One of the differences between a company that’s growing and one that’s shrinking is the way they communicate with their customers, so it makes sense to do the job to the best of your ability, and Hutchison is clear that marketing is something you ignore at your peril: “Marketing is one of the first things on the list to be cut when times are tough, but the more companies invest in marketing, the better the results they get. In a survey of top companies who increased their amount of customer communications, 70% saw an increase in sales. Companies need to be proactive to keep growing.”

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