Developing a better understanding of risk.

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Attach location to customer data to inform important spatial decisions by enabling decision makers to quickly and clearly visualize results.


Reduce operational expenses while increasing the ROI on marketing campaigns and the loyalty of your customers by identifying when customers are within certain locations.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your business data by providing a link between different data assets.


Analyze different datasets to measure and benchmark scenarios across different geographic areas. 

Discover how high quality data, location intelligence and predictive analytics can help you develop an enterprise-wide single view of risk.

Insurers in the UK face the challenge of how to best manage risk and reduce the financial impact of natural disasters such as storms and floods. Natural disasters are only part of the headache. In the marketplace itself, heightened competition and reduced investment income underscore the need for greater underwriting discipline. The pressure to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and comply with regulations is unrelenting.

This white paper explores how location based technology can provide an enterprise-wide single view of risk which in turn improves operational efficiencies, drives competitive advantage and ultimately increases profitability.

Download this white paper today.

Download this white paper today.

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