Is your small business ready for GDPR?

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Is your small business ready for GDPR?

Posted on, July 22, 2016, by Ryan Higginson.

As consumers, we share an increasing amount of data with businesses. Generally, it’s our choice, and often gives us an improved, more personalised customer experience – storing bank details on an ecommerce website for faster check out, for example, or providing our date of birth to a favourite restaurant to receive vouchers on our birthday. Now, the stakes are higher than ever for those businesses collecting this information.

For European businesses of all sizes, it has never been more important to protect customer data. Even organisations that have robust processes in place need to assess their processes and systems, policies and procedures, as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is becoming law. This Regulation applies to all processing of personal data, from collection, through to storage, distribution, retention and protection of data, security and cross-border data transfer. Those that don’t comply may be hit with huge fines, as penalties will range up to 4% of global revenue.

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