Non-stop Performance: Redefined

Mailstream Productivity Series Mail Inserters

The Mailstream Productivity Series are the next generation of ultra high speed mail inserters. This family of intelligent mail finishing systems redefines non-stop performance, running up to 26,000 finished mailpieces per hour with greater flexibility and integrity.

Family of solutions with a built-in upgrade path

Unlike other high-speed systems, the Mailstream Productivity Series offers a built-in upgrade path that allows mailers to increase speed and capabilities over time with no risk to their initial capital investment. There are three distinct models that all share a common platform and operating system.

  • mailstream 26 - Optimised for multiple, low page-count applications. Produce DL letters at up to 26,000 mailpieces per hour and C5 mail at up to 22,000 mailpieces per hour
  • mailstream 22 - High-speed performance on medium page count applications and merging print streams
  • mailstream 18 - Ideal when transitioning to a higher-speed environment

Driven by the newly designed mailstream engine, interchangeable friction and rotary feeders, high productivity inputs and enhanced envelope sealers, the mailstream system can deliver up to an 18% increase in speed. This combined with a 10% increase in system availability achieved through reduced service times, fewer stoppages and decreased recovery time to deliver up to a 28% boost in achieved throughput.

The Mailstream Productivity Series provides a new level of non-stop performance, allowing high volume mailers to tackle multiple opportunities at higher speeds with a single system. In addition, the mailstream offers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater capacity
  • Stronger SLA performance
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Unrivalled flexibility B
  • Breakthrough results

Mailers can upgrade an 18,000 system to a 22,000 configuration or 26,000 configuration and the 22,000 to the 26,000 model. The new platform enables you to add speed and the expanded capabilities as your business needs change.


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