Rival™ Productivity Series inserting system

Experience powerful, flexible mail finishing in a smaller footprint.

With a modular, scalable platform, the Rival™ inserting system can be configured to meet your unique mail processing requirements. Consolidate systems, increase production capacity and process a range of letters and flats with this easy-to-use setup.  Built on the superior Productivity Series inserting platform, our mid-range mail finishing solution saves valuable production and changeover times while delivering the highest levels of performance during peak processing periods.

Rival™ Productivity Series inserting system


Mailpiece size

  • Letters and flats


  • 171mm to 330mm


  • 101mm to 254mm

Document length

  • Cut 178 mm x 356 mm
  • Continuous 93 mm x 356 mm

Document width

  • 178mm to 305mm

Fold types

  • C, Z, half, double, no fold


  • Up to 10,000 envelopes/hour
  • Up to 12,000 envelopes/hour (optional)

Integrity scanning

  • OMR, barcode, 2D, OCR