Automate your mail with the Relay inserter series. Fold, insert, and seal your mail quickly and accurately.

Making it easier to get it right.

Our proven, easy-to-use inserters deliver fast, accurate and affordable mail assembly - inserting, folding and sealing.  The Relay inserters are ideal for personalised customer communications, featuring world-class technology to maintain the integrity of your mail, while ensuring every document makes it into the right envelope.

Give your mail superior precision and accuracy

Get your mail assembled quickly and accurately with the Relay inserter series. Features include:

  • Remarkable accuracy: Best-in-class integrity options like 2D barcoding and File-based processing
  • Outstanding speed: Up to 5,400 pieces per hour
  • Cost and time saving: Eliminates the need – and inaccuracies -- of sorting by hand
  • Proven reliability: Fast is good, continual throughput is better.

Better mailing now.  Ready for digital channels tomorrow.

Combine your Relay inserter with the Relay communications hub, a SaaS document management platform, makes it easier than ever to add accuracy to your mailings.  You can add barcodes to your existing print streams without disrupting your legacy systems.  Letter folding, paper folding, envelope-stuffing… get the peace of mind of finishing your mailings faster and more accurately with the Relay inserting series.

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