Understanding Meter Reset or Transaction fees

Easily Understand the meter reset or transaction fees for your Purchase Power Account UK

When adding postage to your meter, a charge may be applied depending on the terms of your agreement, and what type of postage account you have. 

Purchase Power™ or PrePay ®

This charge will show as a ‘Transaction Fee’ under the description section on your Purchase Power or PrePay invoice.


Postage by Phone

This charge will show as ‘Reset of Meter’ under the Account Transaction section on your Postage by Phone invoice/statement.  ​


Helpful information: 

  • You can avoid incurring multiple fees by downloading enough postage to last you a month or quarter, depending upon your business needs. 
  • Your Pitney Bowes contract will determine the charges applied to your account. 

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UPDATE: 18 Aug 2020