Switching from Pitney Bowes Postage by Phone to Pitney Bowes® PrePay Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to switching from Pitney Bowes Postage by Phone to Purchase Power Frequent answer questions - FAQ

Pitney Bowes® PrePay is a franking and postage payment system replacing the Postage by Phone® payment method.

This system gives more flexibility when adding postage to your franking machine, payment confirmation notification via email when paid by direct debit, simplified payment tracking and clear itemised billing.

Will my postage account number change when switching to Pitney Bowes PrePay?

Yes, you will be given a new Pitney Bowes PrePay account number, which is 16 digits
long, starting 633xxxxxxxxxxxxx.  This replaces your current Postage by
Phone 8 digit account number starting 1xxxxxxx.

Will I still receive an invoice and statement each time I top up my meter via a Pitney Bowes PrePay account?

No, with Pitney Bowes PrePay you will receive invoices once a month. This will be
itemised and includes a summary section at the top of the invoice, making it
easy to reconcile for accounting purposes.

Please note the remittance advice for Pitney Bowes PrePay will be different to the
Postage by Phone account.  Please check the payment details on the

Direct Debit payments and set up

Will I need to complete new Direct Debit instructions for Pitney Bowes PrePay?

No, when switching to Pitney Bowes PrePay we will migrate the Direct Debit details
from your Postage by Phone account.

Please note, your Direct Debit statement reference will change from your Postage by
Phone account number, to your Pitney Bowes PrePay account number.

Will I receive notification when a Direct Debit Payment is due to be taken?

Yes, the new payment system provides you with email notifications of all future
payments. A Direct Debit payment notification email will be sent when your
account balance is below the Agreed Prepaid Balance (previously known as your
Agreed Deposit Balance).

The Direct Debit collection date will be a minimum of 4 days after the email
notification date.

There could be multiple Direct Debits taken throughout the month based on account

Payments received will be itemised on the invoice within the monthly cycle they relate


As a non- Direct Debit payer, how do I make a payment?

You are able to pay via bank transfer within the standard payment terms of 25 days
from invoice date, and the due date is indicated on your invoice. Failure to do
so may result in late payment charges and interruptions to postage downloads
onto your meter.

If full payment is not received by the due date on your invoice a late payment fee
of £25 plus interest charged at 19.90% APR from the date of the original
transaction will be incurred.

Why have I incurred a late fee?

Because payment hasn’t been made by you in accordance with your agreed payment terms.

If a Direct Debit payment is returned or cancelled, or the invoice is not paid by
the due date, late payment fees will incur. Late fees are (i) a fixed fee of
£25; and (ii) interest charged at 19.90% APR on the amount due calculated from
the date of the original transaction.

What will happen to remaining funds in my current Postage by Phone account?

Unless you wish to withdraw the funds, the funds will automatically transfer to the
new Pitney Bowes Prepay account. You will receive a welcome email confirming
your current account balance.

Should you wish to withdraw the funds, prior to migration, please contact the Pitney
Bowes Client Service team by calling 08444 992 992.

What is an over-limit facility?

It’s a means of toping up you meter with postage when you don’t have sufficient
funds in your Pitney Bowes PrePay account to do so.

An automated over-limit facility will be added to your account. The over-limit
amount is based on your current Agreed PrePay Balance (previously known as your
Agreed Deposit Balance).

We will charge an over-limit fee of 3% on the amount advanced.

Over-limit fees will be added to the next invoice.

What is a Royal Mail underpayment fee?

IMPORTANT: Royal Mail underpayment fees are not applicable to clients based in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.


Royal Mail will apply a surcharge when you under frank your post, this will be the
missing postage amount plus a fee. The fee will range from 15p for Mailmark
clients using the automatic underpayment process rising to £1 for clients with
legacy meters or opting out of the automatic underpayment process.

Will my Terms and Conditions change?

New terms will apply but they are substantially the same as those which governed
your Postage by Phone account: your Agreed Deposit Balance (now known as Agreed
Prepay Balance) will remain the same, and your terms and conditions have been
updated to include changes in fees that apply. The Pitney Bowes PrePay terms
and conditions can be viewed here.

I have a query that is not answered in these FAQ

If you have further queries regarding Pitney Bowes PrePay that are not answered
within these FAQs, you can contact the Pitney Bowes Client Service team by
calling 08444 992 992 or email customerservicesccc@pb.com.