Purchase Power/PrePay Deconsolidation FAQ's

Purchase Power/PrePay Deconsolidation Frequently Asked Questions

From the 1st of March 2023, Pitney Bowes is making system changes in our business by moving to a public cloud solution which has restrictions on the service we can now offer. The option to consolidate bills to your Purchase Power/PrePay account will no longer be available.

Can I opt-out if I prefer to have consolidated billing?

No, consolidated billing will be removed from the 1st of March 2023 for all clients.

Some transactions may appear on your next Purchase Power/PrePay invoice which will relate to activity prior to the 1st of March. Transactions processed from the 1st of March will be invoiced via Pitney Bowes Limited.

Will my Pitney Bowes Limited account number automatically show on my online portal?

Yes, if you have associated your Purchase Power/PrePay account with your online profile, you will also have visibility of your Pitney Bowes Limited account within the Billing Accounts section.

If you are not registered, click here to set up your online profile.

Will this affect my paperless billing?

No, if you were already on paperless billing any new invoices you receive will also be visible online. Notifications will be sent to you electronically when a new invoice is ready to view.

Use the buttons below to sign in and download a copy invoice or view your paperless billing settings. 

Where can I find new supplier details?

Bank Details: To download a signed copy of the bank details on Pitney Bowes letterhead click here

Registered Address: Pitney Bowes Limited, 5 Churchill Place, 10th Floor, London, E14 5HU

Remittance Email: pbremittances.uk@pb.com

Company Reg Number: Registered in England No. 182037

Vat Number: VAT Reg No. 213329300

Why do I need to sign a new Direct Debit mandate?

Due to the change in the billing structure, a new Mandate will be needed for the Pitney Bowes Limited account. 

You will need to print and sign the Direct Debit mandate and return it to direct.debit@pb.com. 

The Benefits of Direct Debit: 

  • Payment is collected automatically reducing administration. 
  • Avoid late fees, interest charges or interrupted service due to missed payments. 

Select the button below to set up a Direct Debit now. 

What are my payment options?

Pitney Bowes accepts payment via Bank Transfer or Direct Debit

Note: Cheque payments are no longer accepted.

If you have further queries that are not answered within the FAQs, you can contact our Client Service team by using the chat icon at the bottom of this page.


UPDATE: 31 January 2023