Tracking a shipment in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro®

You can view tracking information for packages sent through SendPro in your history, or view tracking information for any package from the SendPro Online Home screen.

To track a package from the Home screen:

  1. In the Recent Packages section on the SendPro Online Home screen, click on the tracking number of the package you wish to track.


To view tracking information for packages sent through SendPro on the History screen:

  1. From the menu at the top, select History > Shipping History.
  2. Click the arrow to the left of the desired shipment to view the details of that shipment, including the tracking number.
    Note: If there is no tracking number, then the mail piece did not include tracking. Tracking availability is determined by the carrier and service selected for the shipment.
  3. (Optional) To copy a tracking number to your clipboard so that you can paste it elsewhere, select the Copy tracking number icon.
  4. Click on the Tracking Number to access tracking information on the carrier's website.

UPDATED: October 22, 2020