Error 1811 or "Gateway Address Not Set C09" message on the DM50-DM60

Learn how to resolve error 1811 or "Gateway Address Not Set C09" on the DM50, DM55 (K721) and DM60 (K722).
Products affected: DM50™, DM55™ (K721), DM60™ (K722)


The franking machine displays the error code 1811 or message C09 Gateway Address Not Set when attempting to add funds, perform a data capture upload, or a system update.


This error is normally caused by issues with the Pitney Bowes Communication Device attached to the franking machine. 
  • The Communication Device has either lost its network settings, or the settings have expired (for example: WiFi name (SSID) or password has changed).


Solution 1: Try a different connection method

We recommend that you switch to a faster, more reliable digital connection.   

Solution 2: Restart your franking machine and your Communication Device

If the error message cannot be cleared, restart the franking machine as follows:
  1. Remove the power cable from the back of the franking machine.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Replace the power cable.

Next, restart your Communication Device in order to refresh its settings:
  1. Remove the power cable from the Pitney Bowes Communication Device.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Replace the power cable.
User-added image
  1. After 30 - 60 seconds, the right LED should start blinking green, indicating it has detected an active network connection.
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  1. Ensure that the device is connected to the back of the franking machine via the USB cable.
  2. If the franking machine displays Connection Required Press Enter, press the Enter/Yes key. Otherwise, press Funds then select Check balance available?

Solution 3: Reinstall the Communication Device

If the same error reoccurs, you may need to reinstall the Communication Device with the correct network settings.
  1. Reset the device to factory settings.
  2. View the Communication Device Installation Setup Guide to set up your device from the factory default state.
If you are unable to connect to the internet, ask your IT department or internet provider to check the internet settings before you contact Pitney Bowes. If you still need assistance, please use the Contact Us options below.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021