Getting a refund for postage on an old franking machine

Getting a refund for postage on an old franking machine
Products affected: DM50™ / DM55™ (K721), DM60™ (K722), DM110i™, DM160i™, DM220i™ (PR20), DM300c™, DM400c™, DM475c™ (G920), DM300M™, DM400M™, DM475M™ (G922), SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H20), Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000
Pitney Bowes starts the process of collecting your old franking machine once you receive a new franking machine or cancel your old franking machine.
  • Pitney Bowes will collect your old franking machine within 5-10 working days after your cancellation.
  • Once Pitney Bowes receives your franking machine, it will decommission the franking machine and transfer any postage remaining in the franking machine to your Pitney Bowes postage account within 5 - 10 working days.
  • If you are canceling your contract and returning your franking machine, you will receive a refund cheque from Royal Mail.

UPDATED: 21 June 2021

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