Using differential weighing on the DM100i-DM200i and DM110i-DM220i

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Products affected: DM100i / DM150i / DM200i (P720), DM110i / DM160i / DM220i (PR20)
When using Differential Weighing, all the mail is placed on the scale at once, then a piece is removed, one at a time. The system calculates the postage for each piece of mail as it is removed from the scale and applies the postage to the piece as it goes through the mailing system.

Note: Each piece of mail must weigh at least as much as the Differential Weigh Trip Weight that was previously set. If a piece of mail is removed that does not meet the minimum weight, the scale does not recognise the removal of the piece of mail.

If you do not have the Differential Weighing feature on your
franking machine, contact your Pitney Bowes Sales Representative to enquire how to enable it.

Follow these steps to use differential weighing.
  1. Make sure your weighing platform is activated.
  2. Select the desired carrier, class, mail type, account (if the Accounting feature is enabled), and Envelope Message.
  3. Press the Weight/Rate key.
  4. Select Diff. Weighing.
  5. Place all mail on the scale on top of the franking machine (in a container, if required).
  6. Remove a single piece of mail from the scale, and process it in the normal way.
  7. Continue removing mail pieces and processing until the last mail piece is reached.
  8. When the last mail piece (or container) is removed from the platform, the franking machine asks you if you wish to print postage. Select Yes or No.
  9. You can now place more items on the platform to continue using the differential weighing option, or select Exit Diff. Weighing.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021