Finding the serial number on the DM100i-DM200i and DM110i-DM220i

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Products affected: DM100i™, DM150i™, DM200i™ (P720); DM110i™, DM160i™, DM220i™ (PR20)
The serial number (also referred to as the franking machine number (Meter #)) is the identification number registered with the postal carrier for the postage meter license.

This number shows on the identification tag on a white sticker located at back of the franking machine. The Product Code Number (PCN) is the franking machine type. The franking machine's serial number (Meter #) is a 7-digit number, beginning 68... (P720)
 or 7... (PR20).
The indicia is printed on franked mail in the top right-hand corner, under or beside the postage amount. It is identical to the franking machine's serial number (Meter #) but with "PB" in place of the first digit.

Please always quote the franking machine's serial number (Meter #) when contacting Technical Support.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021