Software Update Connect+ series October 2018

Learn how to complete the Software update released in October 2018 on the Connect+ series
Products affected: Connect+® 500, Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000
New Software Update

From version 17.57.0015.0000 to 25.02.0012.0000

Your Connect+ system needs to be updated with the latest software and a Royal Mail update, which carries performance improvements. This will require 2 separate downloads and installations to fully complete the update.
Please complete this software update as soon as possible. Follow the steps below to download and install the updates to your machine.

Step 1 - Before you start the software download:
  • Your system must be powered on.
  • Your system must be connected to the network.
  • This update will take around 80 minutes to complete. Buttons may be arranged slightly differently than shown here depending on your system.
  • Please DO NOT unplug your power cord, press the power button or disconnect the machine from the network during these steps. This may cause serious damage to your machine.
  • If your system requires you to log in, this update will need to be performed by someone with supervisor access.
  • During the process you may be required to log in multiple times.
Please DO NOT open any covers during this process.
  • Confirm the current software level of your machine is at 17.57.0015.0000 by selecting Settings.
Image showing home screen and Settings button highlighted
  • Then press System
Image showings Settings screen with System button highlighted
  • Then press General
Image showing General button within Settings menu highlighted
  • Press the Home icon
Image showing the Home icon
  • Press the Funds icon
Image showing the Funds button highlighted on the Home screen
  • Press the Meter Information tab
Image showing the Meter Information tab highlighted within the Funds screen
  • Then press Upload postal information now button
Image showing postal upload screen
  • Once this is complete, press OK and then Continue to return to the home screen.
Step 2 – Download Software (Approx. 35 mins.)
  1. From the Home screen, select Rates & Updates
Image showing the Home screen with the Rates and updates button highlighted
  1. Your Connect+ machine will connect and check for available updates.
  2. A list of available updates will then be displayed. Select Download updates
  3. Your Connect+ machine will  start downloading the available updates. Note: "Total approx. time remaining: XXmins" may fluctuate during the download. This is normal behaviour.
Image showing Rates and updates screen with available updates and download updates highlighted

Step 3 - Install Software (This can take up to 50 minutes)
  1. At the Install updates screen select Install now. DO NOT PRESS INSTALL LATER.
Image showing Install now button
  1. The system will then verify and install the downloaded files and display the amount of time required to complete it.
Image showing updates being installed on a progress bar
  1. Your Connect+ machine will shut down.
  2. Restart the machine. During the restart, you may see a Pitney Bowes desktop screen for up to 60 seconds. Please leave the machine to continue with the restart. DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE ICONS.
Image showing Pitney Bowes desktop
  1. After the restart, clear any messages that may be displayed.
Step 4 - Download Software (This can take up to 5 minutes)
  1. From the Home screen select Rates & Updates.
Image showing the Home icon
Image showing the Home screen with the Rates and updates button highlighted
  1. Your Connect+ machine will check for updates. Note if there are any additional files install them now.
  2. Your Connect+ will now display a message to say your system is up to date.
  3. Finally, to confirm your machine is at the current software level select Settings.
  4. Then press System.
Image showing System button within Settings menu highlighted
  1. Then press General.
Image showing General button within Settings menu highlighted
  1. The software under the System information tab should be version 25.02.0012.0000
  2. Your home screen should now have all your apps set out in two columns, Mailing and Tools. The machine shut down function is accessible from the cog in the bottom right hand corner. Please perform a reboot now.
Image showing home screen and cog icon highlighted
Congratulations! Your system is now using the latest software.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021