Installing the Communication Device on the DM50-DM60

Learn how to install the Communication Device on the DM50/DM55 (K721) and DM60 (K722).
Products affected: DM50™, DM55™ (K721), DM60™ (K722)
You are not connecting using our newest device. We recommend that you upgrade for free to our latest connection device, SmartLink™.

SmartLink™ connects your franking machine to your LAN (Local Area Network) via an ethernet cable or WiFi.  It enables you to add postage and perform data uploads with speed and ease, as well as access postage rates and software updates automatically by connecting your franking machine digitally to Pitney Bowes.

Order and install a SmartLink™ device
  1. Connect the Communication Device to your internet source.
Note: Be sure to connect to an active network port. DO NOT use a port in a computer to connect to your network.
  1. Plug the power adapter into the Communication Device and into an electrical outlet. The LED light on the left is lit yellow when it is on.
  2. After 45 seconds, the right LED light will blink orange.
  3. Connect the franking machine to the Communication Device with the USB Cable.
  4. Connect the franking machine to a power outlet. When power is applied, the franking machine will display its startup screens and you will hear the franking machine’s printer initialise.
  5. Approximately 10 seconds after the franking machine completes its startup routine, it displays the message Meter connected to internet - Press Enter.
  6. The LED on the right changes from blinking orange to blinking green.
  7. Press Enter/Yes on the franking machine. The device is now ready for use.
Special Network Settings

This section is required only if your network requires special settings, such as static IP addresses or proxy server IDs. These settings will need to be added to the Communication Device. Consult your IT specialist to determine if this is necessary. Follow instructions exactly in the sequence shown below.

If you need to set up the Communication Device to use WiFi, see How to install the DM50/DM55 and DM60 with a Communication Device connected through WiFi, or view the Pitney Bowes Communication Device Installation Guide.
  1. Disconnect power from the franking machine.
  2. Be sure that the Communication Device is:
    • Connected to an active internet port.
    • Plugged into a power outlet.
    • The LEDs on the right are blinking in an orange and/or green pattern.
  3. On a computer that is connected to the same network or router as the Communication Device, download the setup software to your computer:
    1. PC:
    2. Mac:
  4. Save the pbSmartLAN software to your computer, then open and run it.
  5. Select Setup for Network Cable Connection.
  6. Select Search.
  7. Select the Communication Device from the list.
    • If prompted for a password enter MnDqr7
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select assign IP address.
  10. Fill the following fields:
    • IP address
    • Subnet mask
    • Default gateway
    • Primary DNS address
  11. Select Next.
  12. Verify the information and select Submit.
  13. Unplug power and the network cable from the Communication Device.
  14. Plug in only the power to the Communication Device.
  15. The Ethernet port will turn yellow and stay lit for 45 seconds, then it will turn yellow and green.
  16. Plug the network cable into the Communication Device.
  17. It will then change to yellow and green and orange will be alternate flashing, then after a short time it will go to yellow and orange flashing.
  18. Plug the USB cable from the franking machine into the Communication Device.
  19. The Ethernet port will turn to yellow and green.
If the LEDs do not change to the correct colour at any time, see How to troubleshoot the Communication Device on the DM50/DM55 and DM60.

If you are unable to connect to the internet, ask your IT department or internet provider to check the internet settings before you contact Pitney Bowes. If you still need assistance, please use the Contact Us options below.

UPDATED: 25 May 2022