"Please contact SendPro Customer Service" in SendPro Online

Learn how to resolve the message "Please contact SendPro Customer Service." in SendPro Online.
Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000, SendPro® Online


When attempting to use SendPro Online, the following message is displayed:
Please contact SendPro Customer Service. We want to make sure your account is safe. Since we noticed some unusual activity, we're limiting your transactions.

To continue, please contact SendPro Customer Service.


There is an issue with your SendPro/ Purchase Power account.


If you experience this error, please contact client support.

UPDATED: 14 June 2021