Scale not weighing correctly on the DM100i-DM200i and DM110i-DM220i

Learn how to resolve the scale not weighing correctly on the DM100i / DM150i / DM200i (P720, P725) and DM110i / DM160i / DM220i (PR20).
Products affected: DM100i™, DM150i™, DM200i™ (P720); DM110i™, DM160i™, DM220i™ (PR20)


The mailpiece is not being weighed correctly by the scale.


The scale may not be communicating with the franking machine, may not be seated properly, or may not be level.


Start by zeroing the scale:
  1. Remove any items from the scale.
  2. From the main screen, select "SCALE"
  3. Select "Zero the scale"
  4. Test by weighing an item of known weight:
    • a £1 coin weighs 9g
If the scale is still not weighing correctly:
  1. Remove the power lead, or switch the franking machine off using the switch at the back.
  2. Remove the scale from the top of the franking machine. The scale comes in two parts so split the scale into two.
  3. Make sure there are no obstructions by blowing around the 2 pieces of the scale, including the 9-pin connector underneath, and also the port where the scale sits on top of the franking machine.
User-added image
  1. Put the scale back together and reseat it onto the machine. Ensure the scale is reseated correctly on top of the machine.
  2. Replace the power lead and switch the franking machine on.
  3. Once the franking machine returns to the home screen ensure the display shows "SCALE: 0 g". If the display shows a different weight, zero the scale.
  4. Test with an item of known weight, such as one of the coins listed at step 4.
  1. If this does not resolve the issue, return to step 6 and remove the four rubber feet from the base of the scale whilst the scale is removed, this has occasionally been found to resolve the issue.
If the issue is not resolved, please contact us.

UPDATED: 04 April 2022