Managing the return address in SendPro Online

If needed, you can change the sender's address when creating a shipping label.
Products affected: SendPro®

If needed you can add a return address when printing postage on postage sheets and rolls or envelopes.

From the print postage screen when creating a label or envelope;
  1. Click the radio button to include a return address. You can also choose to send without a return address.
  2. Click the arrow beside your default return address to manage return addresses. Your current selected or default return address displays at the top of the menu.
  3. Select one of the following options:
  • To select a different address from your Address Book, select View all return addresses and select the desired address.
  • To make a change to the currently selected address, select Edit return address, make the necessary changes, and select Done.
  • To enter a new address, select Add new return address, enter the address, and select Done.

UPDATED: 01 July 2021