Postage by Phone Invoice Explained

An explanation of a Postage By Phone invoice and common charges that may be listed.
Postage by Phone is a prepaid postage account that holds funds for postage downloads to your meter. You will agree to a deposit balance (ADB), which we recommend should reflect your typical monthly postage usage. Postage can then be added to your meter from this balance.

Invoice items explained 
  • Reset of Meter: is when postage was downloaded to the meter.  The amount downloaded is displayed in the 'Transaction Amount' column. Any applicable transaction charges will display in the 'Charge Amount' column.  
  • Royal Mail Underpayment: These charges are billed on behalf of Royal Mail following instance(s) where mail has been sent with an insufficient amount of postage.  Contact Royal Mail directly to assist with any queries relating to these underpayments. 

Postage by Phone Payment Terms and Details
An agreed deposit balance (ADB) is required to be kept in the postage account as a credit balance. 
Postage is then added to your meter from this balance. We recommend the ADB should reflect your typical monthly postage usage. This amount can be amended at any time, should your usage change.

When the account goes below the ‘Agreed Deposit Balance’ an invoice is generated to replenish the balance in the prepaid postage account.

Payment Options
  • Instructions for making Payments by Bank Transfer (BACS)
    • It takes 4 working days for a BACS payment to be received by Pitney Bowes. The funds are then applied to your account by the end of the next working day.
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As outlined by the Royal Mail, Pitney Bowes is authorised to hold the deposit balance funds to cover your mailing resets.

UPDATED: 09 May 2022