Setting the "High Value Warning" threshold on the DM100i-DM200i and DM110i-DM220i

Learn how to set the High Value Warning threshold on the DM100i / DM150i / DM200i (P720) and DM110i / DM160i / DM220i (PR20).
Products affected: DM100i, DM150i, DM200i (P720); DM110i, DM160i, DM220i (PR20)

The High Value Warning will warn you when you manually key in a postage value that is higher than a maximum amount that you specify.  This feature helps prevent you from accidentally printing an excessive postage value.

To set the high value warning threshold:

  1. Press the Options key.

  2. Press Page Down.

  3. Select Postage Values.

  4. Select High Postage Amount.

  5. Enter the desired amount (the manual postage value above which the franking machine will give a warning).

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Press the Home key to return to the Home screen .

UPDATED: 27 September 2021