Paperless Billing

By registering for our paperless billing option, you will have the flexibility to view invoices and statements online instead of receiving paper copies, have the ability to download, save and print invoices and statements as well as also being able to view previous invoices and statements.

Your online account is a secure protected environment. When viewing your paperless invoices and statements online a password will be required.

If you do not have an online account, learn how to create your profile or register for an online account.

open tab Register Now


If you already have an online account follow the instructions below to set up paperless billing:

How to switch on paperless billing

To turn on paperless billing, go to Billing Preferences in Your Account:

1. Click on the button below to quickly access your paperless billing settings 


open tab Turn on Paperless Billing


Switch on paperless billing


2. Select Paperless Billing under Billing Preferences on the left side navigation bar.

3. Use the Paperless Billing toggle to turn paperless billing On or Off for each account.

4. When you switch on paperless billing, email notifications will be automatically switched on as well.

Note: To see who last updated the paperless billing setting, select the information icon on the far right.


How to set email notifications for invoices and statements

1. Sign In to your account online or click on the button below to quickly access your invoice email preferences.

open tab Go to invoice email preferences


Switch on paperless billing

2. From the Your Financials section select View Summary of All button in the top right of the tile.

3. Select Paperless Billing under Billing Preferences in the left side navigation bar.

4. Use the Email Notification toggle to turn email notifications On or Off for each account.

Is there a fee to receive my invoice or statement electronically?

Accessing your invoices or statement online is free of charge. 

From the 15 October 2018, a £5/€5 (exl. VAT)  charge per paper invoice or statement posted will be added to future invoices and statements. 

The paper invoice fee will not apply if your contract with us is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Your contract will normally be regulated if you are a sole trader, partnership with fewer than 4 partners or an unincorporated association.

However, we do recommend to opt-in for paperless to access your invoice online and take advantage of all the online services.