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Thank you for renewing your franking machine with Pitney Bowes

We have created simple guidance on how to get the best savings and usage out of your Pitney Bowes equipment.

Follow this page point by point to get the best value from your equipment.

1. Using your franking machine

Maximise your postage savings

With your Inview™ postal dashboard you can forecast, calculate and manage your mail spend. It is available through Your Account. If you are not already set up on Your Account, you can create your profile here to maximise the efficiency of your mailing activity.

You can further maximise your postal savings by adding postage funds less often but with slightly higher amounts.

2. Your Envelope Message

Create free advertising slogans, logos, and greetings now

You can create unlimited customised Envelope Messaging and edit your existing logo or slogan with our online wizard.

Follow this link to start this quick and easy process online to promote your business before an envelope is even opened.

3. Ink and supplies

Our franking machine ink is the only ink specifically formulated for Pitney Bowes equipment so you can be sure of a clear, sharp postal impression on every mail piece you send out.

For ink and office supplies call free on 0808 274 3291 or visit our web shop on www.pitneybowes.co.uk/shop/home/en-uk/storeuk.

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