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Our simple guide below tells you exactly what happens next.
Follow this page point by point to get the best value from your franking machine fast.

1. Your order

Your order is being processed

We will update our records with your order and link the meter to your postage account.

Please keep your paper copy of the Agreement and Terms & Conditions for your records.

2. Your pre-installation visit and network validation

Checking on-site conditions before installation

Before we deliver and install your Connect+ System, your Pitney Bowes installation coordinator will contact you to arrange a site visit to validate that your network conditions are ready for the smooth installation of your Connect+.

3. Your delivery & installation

Installation of your Connect+ franking machine

After the successful network validation, your installation coordinator will arrange a suitable time for your Connect+ delivery, installation, and training.

Normal delivery time is approximately 7 working days after the network validation.

If you have any questions during this time, you can email us installationsupport@pb.com.    

4. Return of your current equipment

Returning your current meter

Your current equipment needs collecting as part of a Royal Mail requirement and will be decommissioned as part of our commitment to the environment.

Our decommissioning team will contact you within 48 hours after installation of your Connect+  to arrange a suitable time for its collection. Should you need additional support, you can contact the team on 0333 999 4430 to arrange collection of the equipment. If you prefer to email us, you can download the collection request form here.

5. Your postage

Transfer of your unused postage

If you current franking machine was supplied by Pitney Bowes, and you have is unused postage on it, we will organise a transfer to your postage account. The transfer happens after collection of your current Pitney Bowes franking machine as part of the decommissioning process. The transfer will show on your postage account approximately 10 working days after we receive your old machine so you can download it onto your Connect+.

6. Design your envelope to reinforce your message

How to add promotional messages to your mail

Your Connect+ has the flexibility to print customised messages and graphics on your envelope while it is printing postage. The MyGraphics™ Designer tool from Pitney Bowes provides a simple way to create and transfer your graphics to your mailing system. You can access MyGraphics online via Your Account.

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