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Thank you for choosing Pitney Bowes

Our simple guide below tells you exactly what happens next.
Follow this page point by point to get the best value from your franking machine fast.

1. Your order and delivery

Your order is being processed

We will update our records with your order and link the meter to your postage account.

Normal delivery time is approximately 10 working days, or the time stated on your agreement.

Please keep your paper copy of the agreement and T&Cs for your records.

2. Your postage

We will credit your free postage automatically to your account

Your free credit will appear on your account, available for downloading onto your meter when you first connect your franking machine to add postage. The amount is taken off your invoice.

3. Returning your current meter

Returning your current meter

Your current equipment needs collecting and decommisioning by its supplier as part of a Royal Mail requirement.

There is a return form and box included in your new delivery or you can call our equipment collection team on 0333 999 4430 to arrange collection of the equipment. If you prefer to email us, you can download the collection request form here.

4. Your Installation

Support for installing your digital franking machine

Look out for the installation guide in the box with your new delivery. We have also prepared step by step installation guides to show you how to connect your DM300 franking machine to the network via LAN, Wi-Fi, or your PC. To access them, visit the product support page for your model:

If you need further support, you can find our customer service contact details here.

5. Your Envelope message

Create free advertising slogans, logos, and greetings now

You can use our quick and easy online wizard to create a sharp, professional envelope message with enhanced graphics, ready to download onto your new franking machine. You can start now by clicking this link.

6. Here to help

Find the support you need

The support section on the Pitney Bowes website is here to help as a reference for any questions about your bills or schedule of VAT, fees or payment options. 

Our client service centre is on hand for your support questions. You can find their contact details here.

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