Postage Management with Purchase Power

UPDATED: 31 July 2017

Mail now and pay later with Purchase Power®
You can pay for postage the same way you pay for most other business expenses, after you receive a bill. It’s more convenient, better for reporting, and gives you greater flexibility.

What are the benefits

  • Purchase Power is a credit facility that works just like a traditional credit card without the piece of plastic.
  • Ability to add mailing supplies, meter rental charges, service, and other mailstream expenses to the same account.
  • We consolidate and itemise most of your Pitney Bowes purchases on one easy-to-read monthly invoice.
  • Instantly recredit your meter – no prepayment required. We will continue to pay Royal Mail on your behalf, as you refill.

Information about billing & payments

  • We generate an invoice each month, billing you for any purchases you have made in the last 30 days. If you don't have any activity on your account then you won't receive an invoice that month.
  • Choose to pay in full by the due date shown on your invoice, or take advantage of flexible payment options and pay over time.
  • You will receive 25 days to pay your invoice, which can be settled by Direct Debit, Cheque or BACS.
  • Learn more: Understanding fees applicable on Purchase Power invoices.

Manage Purchase Power online with Your Account
With a Purchase Power account, you will have a 16-digit account number; located at the top of your invoice.
Purchase Power account number

TIP: Add your Purchase Power account when you create your account profile to give instant access to your Products, Supplies, Postage Activity, Financials, and Support.

  • In step 1 of creating your profile, enter your email address and use your 16-digit Account Number listed at the top of your invoice, and Continue.
  • To confirm your company information, select Meter Number/PB Reference Number and enter the 7-digit 'Meter no/PB ref no' located on your invoice, and Submit.
  • Finalize the registration process and Sign In online to manage your account online, 24 hours a day.