Our Trainers


Our trainers are product experts who are qualified to teach adult learners. We pride ourselves on the high standard of Pitney Bowes Software training – which is demonstrated by our Gold Standard Award from the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). The LPI has been monitoring, assessing and approving our training materials, courses and methodologies for a number of years.

The performance of Pitney Bowes Software trainers is regularly monitored and reviewed using the LPI Trainer Performance Monitoring & Assessment (TPMA) framework. The TPMA service is a structured and objective mechanism to observe and assess trainers against a set of industry and educational standards ensuring our trainers are qualified in delivering an effective and enjoyable training event.



Accredited Learning Provider

What our customers say

"We benefited from a knowledgeable instructor who had a clear understanding of the software and was able to effectively apply them to our organisations needs."

"I have come away with a much clearer understanding of the product and how to use it in my role."



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