The hidden value of customer data webinar

Turn data into profit with innovative business models

Webinar: Case study examples

In this Webinar, guest speaker and author Arent van't Spijker, will explore how data is in fact, ‘the new oil’.
Over a century ago oil drove the development of innovations such as the internal combustion engine, central heating and plastics, changing our world and our economy.
Today, data is doing the same.  It’s the driving force behind new business models and disruptive technologies that impacts companies in every imaginable industry.   
The availability of so much information has changed the traditional business paradigm. It affects not just high-tech, high-profile companies, but also old-school, low-tech industries all around the world.

Watch this webinar to find out how:

  • ConocoPhillips improved production by 30% using smarter data.
  • DHL changed their traditional business model to leverage data collected by delivery vans.
  • Banking firms like Holvi, Knab, Moven and fidor transforming banking business models through radical new approaches.
  • Technologies are being deployed to take advantage of new shifts in traditional business models.

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