Upgraded Customer Engagement Solutions Support Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

New versions of Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video, EngageOne Converse and EngageOne Communicate make it easier than ever to deploy personalized, interactive campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously.

Tue Oct 08 13:41:00 EDT 2019

Marketers today have more options than ever before for reaching customers—from printed mailers to digital display ads, and from phone and in-person connections to social media, text messages, emails, blogs, and video communications. That plethora of options can be a double-edged sword.

Having so many channels available brings benefits, of course, in that it opens up new ways of getting a company’s messaging out to both customers and prospects. At the same time, it ratchets up expectations. Companies are under pressure to reach each customer in the right place, at the right time and with exactly the right message.

Recent research conducted jointly by Pitney Bowes and the CMO Council found that the vast majority of consumers today (more than 85%) expect the organizations they do business with to communicate through omnichannel marketing campaigns, and to provide content that is personalized to their specific needs. Younger survey respondents placed a higher emphasis on social media, while Gen X and Baby Boomers are more likely to rely on the web and email. But all five generational groupings in the study said companies need to use an assortment of channels.

In fact, nearly one-third of all respondents said they expect the brands with which they do business to be “where I want, when I want, ready to share and communicate how I expect.” Omnichannel communication of personalized content is no longer optional. It is, however, incredibly challenging unless the marketing team can automate campaigns’ customization and deployment via a specialized technology solution.

That’s why Pitney Bowes has released upgraded versions of the award-winning EngageOne® Customer Engagement Cloud Solutions. New capabilities in Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video, EngageOne Converse and EngageOne Communicate improve an organization’s ability to connect with consumers and track the results of these campaigns. The new capabilities include:

o   Improvements to the interface for self-service campaign creation. Any user—whether in IT or line-of-business—can rapidly create and deploy personalized, interactive communications across email, chat and video. They can further accelerate the process by leveraging prebuilt templates or uploading existing brand assets as a starting point for building these communications.

o   A wider range of personalization options. By supporting multiple languages, accents and genders, the latest version of the EngageOne solutions helps companies hyper-personalize their messaging. The solutions use conditional logic capabilities to determine which precise features to utilize for each individual recipient.

o   Better customer service through NLP and live takeover. An enhanced natural language processing (NLP) feature enables the EngageOne solutions to better recognize customer requests entered in the customer’s own words. And when the live automated solution cannot resolve the request, a new live takeover capability enables a customer service representative to assist the customer across all supported channels.

o   Advanced analytics. By providing visibility into how customers are engaging with different communication channels (e.g., chat, video, text messaging or email), the advanced analytics feature helps businesses to identify successes, analyze challenges and continuously review ways they can improve their customers’ experience.

o   Market-leading integrations. The Pitney Bowes EngageOne solutions streamline campaign creation and deployment by integrating tightly with most companies’ existing marketing stack—connecting with Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Experience Manager, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, an assortment of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other solutions.

A recent campaign undertaken by French insurance business association AssurN’Co demonstrates the benefits of the EngageOne product set. AssurN’Co needed to promote an upcoming networking event to its 1,200 members. After spending four hours with EngageOne Video and EngageOne Communicate, Stéphane Savalle, the organization’s co-founder, had developed and sent a personalized video to all 1,200 members. The email open rate was 52%, and more than 40% of recipients subscribed to the event.

Savalle further reports that the EngageOne solutions are “easy to use and require no training.”

For more information about these Pitney Bowes solutions, visit https://www.pitneybowes.com/us/customer-engagement-marketing.html