Building Brand Connections Through Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Adopting an omnichannel strategy is the lynchpin to building a meaningful, relevant customer engagement strategy.

Mon Jul 25 10:20:19 EDT 2016

Sometimes when we talk about customer engagement, how to keep our target audiences enthralled in a world where there’s more noise and distractions than ever before, we tend to overthink it. It’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of strategy thinking and piloting, in the hopes that one of these will finally be the one to break through, to drive record numbers of customers to your business (and keep them there), that magic solution that will be remembered throughout the industry as the customer engagement gold standard.

But, you don’t have to go through so much soul-searching and hand-wringing to find that magic solution. All it takes is a simple realization: that we’re all customers. We all need to buy certain goods or services to live and get through each day. So, just think: as a customer, what appeals to you? What works on you? What drives you to return to the same places that you buy from, just as you hope your customers will buy from you?

Taking a “Customer First” Approach

When you shop at one of your go-to businesses, it’s probably safe to assume that the company takes a very customer-centric view of how they approach you and enable you to make a purchase. New technologies, like mobile-compatible websites or ecommerce portals, are deployed to make it easier, not harder, for you to move along from point A to point Z.

That should be the lynchpin for any business looking to upgrade its own customer engagement game: adopting an omnichannel strategy that puts the customer first, using intuitive interfaces across multiple platforms (the web, mobile and social media) that facilitate a smooth customer journey. That journey should be stocked with meaningful interactions between customer and business. The more relevant these touch points are, the more likely a customer will make a purchase and return for more purchases in the near future, maximizing the overall customer lifetime value of the relationship.

The Tech Behind the Curtain

Paving the way for the customer journey requires laying tech-heavy groundwork, though. Deploying digital self-service options or interactive personalized video are two ways that brands can modernize their engagement presence with new CX-driven technology solutions. These cutting-edge solutions, in turn, help your brand to better:

  • Process customer experiences and leverage insights from their behaviors, interactions or feedback to create a more intuitive CX.
  • Satisfy customers with quick answers, issue resolution and instant access to information
  • Build a seamless online-to-offline CX.
  • Establish close and meaningful customer connections, by leveraging messaging and social media influence.
  • Incorporate data-driven insights about customers into your channel strategy, to keep pace with their changing needs and expectations.
  • Build brand advocacy with visuals and more interactive outlets for customers.
  • Provide relevant, consistent interactions with customers across all channels.

We’re living in the Age of the Customer now. The brands that reap success and relevance (and hold onto it) are the ones that embrace a tech-driven approach to facilitating an intuitive, interactive customer journey that keeps customers and brands connected to each other, regardless of channel and platform.

Give your customers the support they need, through their preferred channels for interacting, by planning and deploying an omnichannel engagement strategy. To learn more about the tools you need for building an omnichannel support environment, please view our ondemand CRM Media webinar, “Evolving Toward Omnichannel Customer Experience.”