Breaking through the noise with interactive personalized video

Interactive personalized video helps companies provide a visual and audio experience that fosters stronger, and longer lasting, customer engagement.

Fri Oct 02 16:04:40 EDT 2015

Marketing today is becoming an increasingly crowded affair. On one hand, the total interconnectivity afforded by ecommerce, mobile devices and, slowly but surely, the Internet of Things affords customers and businesses alike more opportunities than ever to connect. Multichannel communications gives organizations more avenues for engaging with customers and enticing them with their products or services. On the flip side, it also gives customers more chances to vet a certain company and ensure they’re making the purchase they want, through the channel they want, from the vendor they want.

But therein lies a problem – now everyone’s tweeting, everyone’s sending email blasts, everyone’s mobile-friendly. Consider the 2015 Response Rate Report from Direct Marketing News, which found that 65 percent of marketers draw on at least two types of media for marketing campaigns now. With so many companies utilizing multichannel communications to engage with customers, how do you stand out from the rest of the pack?

That’s where video comes in.

Video as an Interactive Blend of Experiences

As we discussed in the chat, video helps companies stand out from the rest of the crowd by delivering a combined visual and audio experience. You can better demand the customer’s attention, and foster stronger and more lasting engagement with them, by providing something that they can’t just read and gloss over.

And it’s not like video has to be forced on the customer – they’re looking for videos in the first place, after all! eMarketer’s Video Content Roundup survey last year found that, on average, U.S. adults spend up to an hour a day watching video – a more than 10-fold jump from 2010. Customers aren’t just passively watching these videos, either. Approximately 70 percent of consumers said they came away from watching a video with a positive impression of the company behind it.

To take customer video engagement to the next level, marketers need to create interactive personalized videos that allow for a more thoughtful and engaging experience for customers, so they walk away with that positive impression and feel more informed and confident.

Take Security First Insurance, for instance. Pitney Bowes worked with them to create a seven-minute animated video that walks home insurance policyholders through the ins and outs of coverage types, policy limitations, billing and so forth – all in a completely friendly, easy-to-understand and direct manner. These personalized videos are tailored to the individual viewer, so that we not only break down the information we want them to process, but do so while speaking directly to them and addressing their needs and interests.

Check out our demo here to see for yourself how Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video provides small businesses with the right marketing and customer communications tools to build engaging, interactive experiences for attracting new customers and building stronger customer relationships.