Live from (R)Evolution - The Prize is Growth: Turning Challenges into Opportunity

Panel Discussion: "How Unified Commerce Makes Commerce Complete". Panelists include Greg Buzek, Founder & President, IHL; Gene Bornac, Vice President, BRP; and Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner, RSR. Moderated by Michael Griffiths, Vice President, Global Ecommerce Marketing, Pitney Bowes.

Tue Apr 25 21:48:00 EDT 2017

I shop local. I shop global. What do I like the most overall? Customer experience.

Live from Pitney Bowes Retail (R)evolution, I understand I’m not alone. Greg Buzek, Founder & President of IHL, Gene Bornac, Vice President of Boston Retailer Partners and Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner of RSR, joined Michael Griffiths, Vice President of Marketing, Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes on the (R)evolution stage to discuss “How Unified Commerce Makes Commerce Complete”. It turns out, I’m not alone - I am not the only shopper that appreciates the experience over anything else. It seems I’m part of a generation.

As Paula noted, one of the first (and most important) touch points of the customer experience is your stores employees – that is where the engagement to life. Sadly they are often the most under-valued asset in stores are the employees – receiving training for less than 10 hours. Gene elaborated that this is shortsighted as employees are your Brand ambassadors, forming the basis for your customer experience and, by extension, your unified commerce promise. 70% of consumers judge a retailer on how they are being treated throughout their sales experience. Invest in your employees and you will definitely see an uptick in your revenue.

I know that when I shop at my favorite local store, the owner knows my name, knows what I like and asks for my opinion on items that I would like to see. It’s why I keep going back. I always walk into that store looking for one item, only to walk out with a large bag of multiple items. Greg noted that when associates engage well with customers in-store, the store will see a 25% increase in the checkout sale.

Further, I recommend that store to a multitude of others - aiding in the brand affinity through word of mouth.

See that? The epitome of customer experience, the store gets free marketing from me, and I feel welcomed each time in the store. A customer experience is the epitome of unified commerce, and can help retailers compete in a fragmented retail world.

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