Clear the set. We’re Live at #data19 in 5...4…3…

We’re here live on the Tableau show floor.

Tue Nov 12 13:16:00 EST 2019

We’re here live on the Tableau show floor as the final finishing touches are coming together in the last minutes before the Data Village opens up for tonight’s welcome reception.  As we put the finishing touches our Booth, #631, I’m reminiscing about all the people and process involved with kicking off the “Big Show”.

It’s been a doozy, but minutes from now, no one will see these techs frantically running around trying to fix the lights that aren’t working. No one will see the entire 20-gallon water jug that spilled on the newly laid carpet. They will have no visibility into the mass of shipment delays.  Flight cancelations.  Missing boxes.  Misplaced items. No one will have noticed that cardboard and tape stuck to my shoe as I scrambled to throw away empty boxes and store swag for the upcoming days.  Here’s hoping anyway.

They will just see the doors open.  This not knowing every detail behind the scenes will benefit them in their ability to make the most of the next four days. They won’t need to know the full cast of players responsible for making the conference happen. They just get to be the benefactors of it.

Oddly enough, it reminds me of our data.

When I spend time telling people about Pitney Bowes and more specifically our data offerings, I talk a lot about the intrinsic value of the data itself and the unique applications of it, not necessarily the ecosystem behind it.  That’s a miss.  In reality our players are vast and talented.  They are collaborators and curators.  Experts in their respective ownership areas. They are partners and suppliers. They are teachers. They are data experts.

You see, our data team is empowered to do two things: get the data right and look for better ways to get the data right.  By doing this, we are able to ensure that our customers can reliably determine what to expect and look for within each dataset.  That’s important because the real world is stubbornly not uniform and is full of odd exceptions.  We’ve found that the best way to model what is actually on the ground, it to simply do the hard work of mapping it out and getting it right.  Our customer might only ever see and experience the finished product, but before, during and after delivery – there’s a team working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring it all together.

Data is what we do, and because of that, our customers don’t have to think about or manage all of those moving parts.  They too just get to be the benefactors of the outcome.

Now that’s pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, these doors are just about to open.  It’s showtime folks.

We’d love to meet you this week.  Stop by booth 631 and say hello, check out one of our training sessions, and see our data featured LIVE in the Iron Viz competition.  If you feel so inclined, block some time in advance with one of our resident data experts.  If you do, Starbucks is on us.  I’m sure we can all put an extra dose of caffeine to work this week. You’ll also get a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods – which I know I could certainly use on my long flight home to Boston. 

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