The Business Case for Contextual Bots

The best way to win loyal customers is by making their lives easier.

Tue Dec 04 12:28:00 EST 2018

In a survey of 75,000 consumers conducted by Harvard Business Review, the number one most important factor in improving a customer’s loyalty is reducing their effort - the work they must do to get their problem solved.  Conventional advice is that loyalty is built by “WOW’ing the customer,” however research suggests that the critical goal should be reducing customer effort.  Make life easier for your customers, and they will have a great reason to stick around.

One way to make customers and your team’s lives easier is self-serve support.  Coleman Parkes’ research suggests that 91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

Suppose that a customer is reviewing your personalized and detailed offer.  If you are a bank, this might be a mortgage proposal.  In insurance, this might be a property or life insurance proposal.  In telecom, this might be a multi-play offer for all of a customer’s fixed and mobile connectivity as well as media entertainment needs.  You detail each part of your offer clearly and personally to your individual customer but suppose your customer has a specific question about one part of your offer?

How streamlined are the means available to your customer to find the answer she is looking for?  If she calls your call center, how quickly can the agent find and understand the offer your customer is calling about and more importantly how easily can she answer your customer’s questions taking into account the full details of the offer your customer has in front of her?

What if each section of the proposal had personalized links to frequently asked questions tailored for that section of the proposal?  What if questions were not only answered fast, but also the answers were personalized and tailored to your customer and take into account the full details of the proposal your customer’s question is about?  Based on the earlier mentioned research 91% of your customers would love to self-serve in this way.  Equally important, making it easy for your customers to get stuff done is the best way of increasing their loyalty.

Pitney Bowes Converse makes it easy to design, implement and manage contextual bots making them a natural extension to your existing customer communication management (CCM) solution.  Contextual bots cut down your support tickets and call center calls and deliver faster more personalized customer service.

Find out more about EngageOne Converse and view this video to start down the path of making your customers happier and more loyal.