Digital Transformation: Designing Communications for Digital Delivery

A customer communications digital delivery platform that coordinates digital efforts with paper mailstreams can amplify the effectiveness of both.

Tue Sep 27 14:25:43 EDT 2016

Grandma Bernadette is not your typical grandmother. She’s 72 years old, widowed, a mother of 10 and grandmother of over 35 – and a true-blue digital immigrant. She doesn’t just text and email, she uses her iPad to pay bills and check credit card statements. She’s as digitally-savvy as her grandkids, and finds digital touchpoints cool (her words).

Bernadette loves getting SMS alerts about when a credit card payment is due, and being able to execute that payment online with her tablet. But, she also loves going to the post office every week and chatting with the postal workers; it’s a social experience, and a ritual she looks forward to. She still wants to get mail in her P.O. box. She may love the SMS alert about a bill that’s due, but she also wants to receive that paper statement, too.

Grandma Bernadette might not be the typical grandmother, but she is a typical consumer, who values the importance of both paper mail and digital communications. When you consider that 57 percent of consumers still receive both paper and digital documents, and paper opt-out has stalled at just around 20 percent, it’s clear that Bernadette’s preference for both physical and digital communications isn’t an outlier, it’s the norm.

And, it’s all the more reason for a digital transformation that emphasizes both and integrates them into an intuitive multi-channel experience for your consumers.

Coordinating New Digital Efforts with Existing Mailstreams

Customers don’t want to have to choose between physical and digital communications, so why should businesses? Leveraging your current paper mailstreams to work in tandem with new digital efforts is a great way to amplify the effectiveness of both channels.

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Digital Delivery is an integrated delivery platform that transmits communications to customers via their preferred channels. Working through a single framework, with delivery to email, SMS and a network of over 250 million personal cloud storage locations, Digital Delivery ensures that statements, disclosures, bills, notices and other essential communications are getting to customers wherever and however they choose, while also providing them with clear instructions on how to execute their next action, whether through paper, digital or both.

Appealing to customers’ communications preferences, while offering opportunities to cross over from paper to digital at their choosing, drives engagement, enhances the value of those communications with data and expands your footprint of where communications can be delivered.

Pitney Bowes solutions are uniquely designed to help you bring together the value of physical mail with the power of digital communications. Click here to learn more about how Pitney Bowes EngageOne Digital Delivery, and the entire suite of Communicate solutions, are leading the charge on a digital transformation that amplifies the reach of both physical and digital customer communications.