If the DMV can create a good customer experience, so can your company

How a trip to the DMV can inspire a good customer experience.

Tue Oct 31 13:16:00 EDT 2017

I recently had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as the DMV. For those outside of the US, the DMV is truly a unique American institution. As an Australian looking from the outside in, I see the DMV as a true leveler of society. No matter who you are in the USA, what your socio-economic status may be, male or female, you will eventually find yourself in one of these establishments. You’ll go there to get your driving license, take a driving test, change your license plates, etc… Rest assured, this is one organization where you will sit and wait… patiently or otherwise, to fulfill essential tasks associated with your vehicles.

The DMV has been lauded (or otherwise) in great American movies and TV shows -- whether it is the depiction of Selma and Patty from The Simpsons or the endless jabs from comedians and late night TV hosts. The DMV is a shared experience for all Americans who drive.

As organizations across the globe pivot towards developing deeper, richer customer experiences. How is the DMV pivoting to embrace – and improve -- their customer experience challenge? Will the long lines, red tape and bureaucracy of the past make way for the customer experience we all wish for?

In Connecticut, I’ve noticed that the DMV is now pushing many of their most popular services online. As I approached my driving test at 2pm on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I was excited to I read that their online Portal/ Digital Self Service environment would allow me to schedule my road test online, without the hassle of the 2-hour telephone call. This is a big step in the right direction. There are many more services that will be made available online over the coming months. Automating these services is huge advance for the Connecticut DMV, as this frees up valuable time for their telephone customer service representatives to focus on higher value customer-related challenges.

Another important bonus: Customers have an inherent ability to digitally self-serve when given the option to do so. In fact, it’s their preferred option. With 67 percent of customers choosing self-service as their preferred channel for finding answers, now is the time to deliver. When you provide exceptional self-service options, you’ll also improve your bottom line.

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Epilogue: So, how did my experience at DMV go? I got my driver’s license on the first attempt – and had a pretty good customer experience to boot.

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