Ecommerce Best Practices: Holiday Edition – #PowerofPrecision Storify

The best thing an ecommerce business can do this season is meet the customer where they are.

Mon Oct 31 11:54:00 EDT 2016

The best thing an ecommerce business can do this season is meet the customer where they are.

That was among the advice Lila Sndyer, president of ecommerce for Pitney Bowes, had for businesses everywhere during the most recent global #PowerofPrecision chat. She made very clear what businesses need to know to succeed. “Consumers today are just shopping – they don’t draw boundaries between in-store & online, mobile and desktop, global or local.”

The latest tweet chat in the monthly series took on ecommerce best practices, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season. Snyder was joined by ecommerce expert Marsha Collier, author of the best-selling eBay for Dummies, and chat series host noted business advisor Brian Moran, sharing advice and actionable tips to help ensure businesses get the most out of the busy holiday shopping season.

Collier echoed the importance of being ready, emphasizing the need to be stocked with shipping supplies and in having a game plan to keep customers happy. “Your products must be attractive and your shipping charges need to be low. Use the latest #tech to streamline, she tweeted.

#eCommerce shoppers aren't just buying from domestic marketplaces, 2/3 of shoppers are buying from other countries #PowerofPrecision

Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier)

Snyder shared: 33% of US shoppers use mobile to buy, and mobile usage increases significantly to 47% when tracking an item post purchase. It was one of several finding from the just-released annual Global Online Shopping Survey Pitney Bowes commissioned. Retailers need to be ready to deliver a seamless experience, she tweeted.

Here’s a complete summary of the chat. Watch for updates on Twitter about our #PowerofPrecision chat in November by following @PitneyBowes.