Enabling Ecommerce in a connected world

The latest #PowerofPrecisionChat focused on how to enable a business to to Ecommerce in a global marketplace.

Thu Jun 11 09:41:29 EDT 2015

With the backdrop of the most anticipated internet retailer conference of the year,  Pitney Bowes held its most recent #PowerofPrecisionChat focused on how to enable a business to to Ecommerce in a global marketplace earlier this month in Chicago at the annual Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition (IRCE).

Understanding the nuances of each country, importance of localization, development of strong partnerships and use of technology to help make smart business decisions were all top of mind to participants.  Yet each of those aspects eventually landed in the same place: the customer experience.  “Perhaps what’s most important before any expansion is being certain you can fulfill on a positive customer experience,” tweeted Pitney Bowes Senior Vice President of Ecommerce Craig Reed who shared his expertise.  Reed and Ecommerce expert and best-selling author Marsha Collier, were both in Chicago talking all facets of Ecommerce with attendees on behalf of Pitney Bowes at the conference.

Question 5, addressing how retailers can blend digital and physical channels to provide the most satisfying customer experience drew a flood of commentary and advice. Returning chat host Brian Moran, a noted advisor to many small and medium businesses, tweeted midway through the chat , it seems “the best advice for going Global is to Look Before You Leap!”

The global chat turned out to be yet another record setting event with nearly 1800 tweets posted during the hour-long discussion.  Here is the summary of the chat that is once again brimming with sage advice and specific guidance to anyone, anywhere looking to expand in to new international markets. 

A global tweet chat presented by Pitney Bowes on June 3rd, 2015 live from IRCE in Chicago #PowerofPrecisionChat