Live from (R)Evolution - The Prize is Growth: Getting Personal

Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO of Hawke Media delves into making meaningful social media.

Wed Apr 26 21:48:00 EDT 2017

I use social media. I follow my favorite yoga instructors and aerialists on YouTube. I check out the latest movie news from my favorite studios, directors and actors on Instagram. I chat with friends on Facebook. When I am in a passive activity, such as commuting, I scroll through looking at all the new posts and perhaps even search for a few specific thoughts or ideas.

I completely related with Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO of Hawke Media, during his presentation live at the Pitney Bowes Retail (R)Evolution titled "Don’t Be A Digital Ghost: Making Social Media Meaningful".

For example, there is a movie coming out this summer that I am beyond excited for. I won't say what it is but let's just say it isn't about Gardens of the Galaxy (an inside joke among those of us who have seen the trailer). The studio has been posting images on their social media, then the director posts behind the scenes images and red carpet photos, the actors also post photos from on set. I'm hooked and they haven't even started advertising massively.

I have had my tickets for this movie for the last month. Through social media - my excitement for this movie has only increased, to the point where I got really excited about new merchandise said director posted a few weeks ago. I saw that post and went to the studio's website to check out the availability of the merchandise. I purchased that piece of merchandise that day.

Their social media efforts and communication highlights feel organic and echo Erik's remarks. Erik explained that the top three pillars that you should have within your social campaign are: Awareness, Nurture and Trust.

  • Awareness covers all of your advertising
  • Nurture (infomercial type campaigns)
  • Trust is the thought that news and information is always available, and companies are constantly trying to win your trust, which is why they highlight influencers in their campaigns.

Erik sets some guidelines that through these pillars companies need to have at least 30 impressions with a consumer before they convert into a customer. 30 impressions. 30 times to get branding and recognition out there without turning your customers off.

The campaign for the movie I mentioned definitely has had over 30 impressions on me and never once annoyed me with the amount of content. I purchased a ticket a month ago and have purchased merchandise.

I was aware of the campaign, I saw all of the posts from the director and crew and trust that they are putting out a product (as well as merchandise) that they stand behind. And because of that, I eagerly check social media for any additional news they will be posting between now and then, and during the Oscar balloting. 

They made social media meaningful for me.