Location Intelligence is the new black.

Step into fashion week, with customized, well-tailored datasets from Pitney Bowes.

Mon Sep 18 13:42:00 EDT 2017

Search it. Shop it. Buy it.

Though fashion week happens in many countries throughout the world, it’s the “Big Four” who are distinguished as centers of the fashion industry – New York City, Paris, London and Milan. Fashion week has been a tradition for nearly 74 years, originally meant to distract New Yorkers from the hardship of World War II. Paris followed just a couple of years later, and soon the international tradition was born.

The excitement around this pop-culture main stay is expected, but the idea that Pitney Bowes could play any role in fashion is just… well, almost comedic. What would a company known for its postage meters have anything to do with fashion world-wide?

It’s our history of mail distribution that makes our products and services so essential for large events like fashion week. In order to clarify addresses and deliver mail correctly, fashion retailers rely on Pitney Bowes, an industry trailblazer in routing, shipping and addressing data and software. While all eyes are on the fabulous superstars and fashionistas at fashion week, it’s software and data solutions that keep traffic tolerable, re-routing schedules up-to date and enthusiastic shoppers well-informed about the latest styles.

Location Intelligence Software is fueled by Data products such as:

Our Location Intelligence APIs, GeoMap, GeoSearch, GeoCode and GeoRoute, providing the connectivity between Pitney Bowes Data, local search engines and mobile applications. With them, you’ll have all of the information at the tips of your fingers and resulting in the most accurate view of shopping Points of Interest in New York City, London, Milan and Paris available.

Fashion enthusiasts will want to rush to local carriers. This is where Location Intelligence comes in. Below, you’ll find a map of each city, detailing the locations of purveyors of fine clothing. It’ll also connect your location to the city at large. Select or zoom in on a city below to view the location of each Fashion Week venue, as well as surrounding stores that carry all the posh products. Be sure to select your city of choice in the checklist on the right. This is where fashion and technology meet. Silks, cottons, and cashmeres are not the only layers working-it during fashion week.

Pitney Bowes will layer a multitude of data sets that connect their clients to the most relevant information. Just like walking into a couture store, data Sets can be customized and tailored to specific targets so that customers always know where to find your products, the most up-to date sales and the best ways to get to your retail locations. Try out the app below to experience the power of Pitney Bowes Data and just how fabulous Location Intelligence can be.