How to attract and retain your most loyal customers: #PowerofPrecision

The latest #PowerofPrecision chat broke down what is required to attract customers who remain loyal.

Mon Mar 07 10:44:55 EST 2016

Today’s hyper-connected marketplace has raised the bar on what’s needed to attract the most loyal customer, and now requires delivering a consistent superior customer experience. “Loyalty demands brands to connect with the customer on a deeper level than just price point,” shared Lucy Hackman, Pitney Bowes’ vice president, demand generation, during the latest #PowerofPrecision chat. 

Hackman shared her insights on “How to Attract and Retain Your Most Loyal Customers," along with special guest Peter Shankman, author of Zombie Loyalists and founder of ShankMinds, during the recent monthly chat. Shankman echoed the importance of connecting with the customer in today’s global market. “Being hyperconnected means that everyone is talking to everyone automatically," Shankman added. “The customer experience must be STELLAR.”

The pressure is on for businesses of all sizes.

The lively hour-long chat broke down what is required to attract customers who remain loyal and looked at what gets in the way of businesses being successful in doing so, including how data can be used to make the right connection. Topping the list of reasons was a lack of understanding about how to interact with customers beyond their geographic comfort zone. For many businesses, especially small ones, the fear of getting started doing business with new markets is often paralyzing.

A focus on customer-centricity, the importance of localization, and interpreting data correctly were just a few of the important elements discussed to successfully attracting customers who will remain loyal over time.

Hosted again by noted business advisor Brian Moran, the discussion drew several hundred participants from around the world. Here’s the summary of the monthly chat. Look for details on our next #PowerofPrecision chat coming later this month by following @PitneyBowes on Twitter.