Make shipping more predictable and end lost-package panic

Every step of the shipping process – from processing to tracking – can now be automated through a cloud-based, inbound package management system.

Thu Oct 08 15:09:53 EDT 2015

Anyone who buys online today demands immediacy, whether that's an order confirmation within minutes of clicking "confirm order" or arrival of their shipment within a day or two.

Buyers also demand end-to-end tracking of packages. Popular blogs provide zealous new iPhone owners with directions on how to track their pre-orders using live flight tracking. Virtual assistants within Windows phones now automatically track packages and send updates to their recipients, even if they never input tracking information. And nearly all shoppers – 98 percent – track their packages for an estimated time of delivery.

In this new ecommerce and shipping paradigm, any mistake by the shipper, at any point in the process, is certain to be noticed. To today's shoppers, a lack of tracking is beyond inconvenient. Delayed packages are unacceptable. Lost or misplaced packages are worse than unacceptable and could do irreparable damage to how the customer perceives the sender.

As the pressure mounts on businesses to increase the speed and accuracy of their deliveries, they also face escalating volume and complexity of shipping. What should a shipper do to ensure a smooth, visible chain of custody, even with increased complexity?

The answer is to automate.

End-to-End Shipping Automation

As ShipRush's Rafael Zimberoff explains, the problem with international shipping is that it can be unpredictable – unexpected duties and taxes, delayed deliveries or confusion around package pick-up are common.

Fortunately, businesses are getting better about bringing predictability back into the equation. Every step of the shipping process – from processing to tracking – can now be automated through a cloud-based, inbound package management system. Through a centralized, real-time dashboard, all touchpoints are able to view package status, input confirmation signatures via mobile devices, and search packages by their contents, carrier, sender or recipient.

Automated processing and tracking that makes time-in-transit more predictable is exactly what customers today want from a shipper. It improves efficiency and productivity, while reducing status inquiries, time spent searching for shipments, labor costs and error rates.

And, most important of all, shipping automation ensures customers receive whatever they ordered, when they expected to receive it.

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